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Wine from under the volcano Sitno


  • Red |
  • Variety: Frankovka |
  • Current Vintage: 2018 |
  • Also available in magnums

Frankovka is the most characteristic red variety of the old Habsburg monarchy, its Empress. I see it as the truly noble grape, capable of incredible purity, genuinity and terroir expression. The best wines provide an almost transcendental, magical experience – like watching an exciting opera that leaves you speechless and overwhelmed with all the emotion, grandeur and mastery, grateful for being part of it…

My version of this “Pinot Noir of the East” enjoys enhanced spiciness of our volcanic Sitno terroir, elegance from the classical winemaking and 3 years of slow barrel ageing in our 18th century cellar. She's a sophisticated aristocrat with an incredible ageing potential, esp. in the magnum bottles.

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