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Wine from under the volcano Sitno


  • Skin-contact white |
  • Variety: Devín |
  • Last Released Vintage: 2021-22 |
  • Only 1500 bottles made

Eloquent wine with succulent acidic backbone & nutty, savoury touch, ending on raisins and rocks. A wonderful companion for the whole evening, ever-evolving in your glass.

Devín is the child of communist times – somebody in Slovakia once had the idea that we need our own type of Traminer, one that can survive our crazy winters. Thus, this grape was born: son of Traminer, daughter of Rotweisser Veltliner, aromatic yet resilient. Tbh, I never liked the wines it produced, but fate brought me a vineyard with some of it. I thought I'd pull it out as soon as possible, yet time went by and the vines still stood there, intact and proud. So, I dropped the attitude and took up the challenge. Using lower yields, a slightly oxidative elevage and multi-vintage blending, I turned my once-Nemesis into a new friend.

This evolution is reflected on the label, too – it started with a gun and then morphed into grape. With this release, I decided to lose the weapon aspect altogether. Instead of spite and fights, there's just atonement, acceptance and peace. Where will this Intouchable “movie” take us next?

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