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Wine from under the volcano Sitno


  • Skin-contact sparkling Zero dosage |
  • Variety: Pesecká Leánka, Pinot Gris |
  • Last Released Vintage: #8 |
  • Also bottled in magnums (limited quantity)

One vineyard, two grapes, ∞ dimensions! Leánka brings freshness and lightness, Pinot a bit more depth, minerality, seriousness, matter. Thanks to ageing the base wines (one or two years in our cellar) and slow secondary fermentation in bottles, the result is reaching even beyond the sum of its tasty parts – I aimed at a drinkable yet sophisticated wine and humbly think I succeeded.

Vulcanica is elegant, creamy and layered, with exciting tertiary tones and surprising flavours popping on the palate – showing perfectly what this method, although non-traditional, offers compared to the simpler, more primary pet-nats.

6.1 is the very first disgorged version of this wine that made it to the market – I started to experiment with disgorging as a part of my learning curve for a brand new cuvée (that will make Champagne cry with envy, haha, stay tuned) and enjoyed the extra purity and energy it brings to this already lovely wine. There's only a tiny amount but well worth the hunt – sometimes a 0.1 difference can change your whole world...

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