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Víno spod vulkánu Sitno


  • Skin-contact white |
  • Variety: Pinot Gris |
  • Last Released Vintage: 2022 |
  • Also bottled in magnums (limited quantity)

Pinots are not traditional in Čajkov, but my ancestors used to work with them during the communist era, so we knew that they thrived on our sites, giving prime wines even in sub-prime years. When we needed to replant our Stará Hora vineyard – a beautiful plot on a dark red dollop of old lava that used to be the crown jewel of Archbishop of Esztergom vineyards back in the day – Pinots were a sure bet. In the cellar, what a challenge - Pinot can be a generous, cultured gentleman you'll quickly fall for, or, he can also be a real... arrogant di*k. (Pardon my French.) You might think that our relationship in the cellar must be a troubled one, but, actually... I know him very well, Godfather, because, well, he is just like me!

This wine requires attention, both from the winemaker and the consumer. It's a litmus test. Our elegant and dangerous gentleman - our Don Corleone.

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