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Víno spod vulkánu Sitno

Queen Mom

  • Skin-contact white |
  • Variety: Fetească Alba |
  • Last Released Vintage: 2022 |
  • Also bottled in magnums (limited quantity)
Queen Mom

This wine is so personal and essential for me: “Manka”, my dear grandmother pictured on the label, spent the last 10 years of her life bedridden after a stroke. As her caretaker, I learnt so much about her values, traditions and memories, and saw the need to preserve them. A calling to buy and save old abandoned vineyards, like the wild Sádowie site with an unknown mix of old clones of Fetească Alba on poor soil that gives birth to this wine.

I remember times when this grape was a household name in Čajkov. Not everybody had the courage to grow it – it can be whimsical like a queen, in the vineyard as in the winery. Recently, many started to see tradition as backwardness, and 90% of the local Alba plots disappeared, in favour of “sexier” international grapes. Luckily, I was able to preserve this one, to cherish the precious and fragile things our ancestors give us.

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