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Víno spod vulkánu Sitno


  • Red |
  • Variety: Alibernet, Frankovka, Devín |
  • Last Released Vintage: NV (2020-21)

Red & white grapes in full tectonic motion: earthy, fiery Alibernet ridge - juicy Frankovka undercurrent - dash of volcanic ash, served by the eloquent white Devín.

Putting these grapes together was a happy accident – I once had such little yield from one vineyard that I had to process all its grapes together, no matter the colour. Although unplanned, I liked the result so much that I later kept replicating it on purpose. The new Tecton is a blend of three neighbouring sites with similar soil and spirit – proportions vary according to vintage, but the aim is always a tasty red wine that's grounded, but still a bit provocative and easy to finish a bottle of.

As Archimedes of Syracuse once said, Give me the place to stand and a glass of Tecton and I shall move the earth!

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