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Víno spod vulkánu Sitno

Red Gull

  • Red Pet-Nat |
  • Variety: Pesecká Leánka, Frankovka |
  • Last Released Vintage: #5
Red Gull

Raspberry-strawberry lemonade with mind-and-body restoring acidity and a wild touch of yeast and volcanic ash, reminding me of salty caramel.

Čajkov, our village, got its name from čajka aka seagull in Slovak – these birds were a rare sight in a landlocked country, but our area's many ponds and streams offered livelihood to not only fishermen but also gulls, and the name stuck.

Hence the red bird in our logo, and hence Red Gull, my light-hearted tribute to this fishing past and light Leánka/Frankovka-based wines for convivial drinking. But it's also a nod to what I see as our region's future, ie. bubbles! Red Gull is an absolute invitation to gather your flock of loved ones and celebrate life – drink this together and be happy, it really does give you wings…

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